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Cottonseed Digest
Cottonseed Digest Ingredient Forecaster

The Cottonseed Digest

Dear Cottonseed Market Participant:


We invite you to maximize your company's profitability on new crop cottonseed sales by having a good source of cottonseed market information with a subscription to the Cottonseed Digest. Now, you may be asking yourself, "Why should I subscribe?"  Because this weekly can make you a more successful decision maker and more valuable to your firm!


At Cottonseed Digest, we've got seasoned analysts focused on gathering hard-to-find data that's extremely important to you, but not important enough for the "general" market media to even cover. And among the resources available to us is a real "ace in the hole."  We have exclusive, daily access to the elite team of PhD economists, researchers and statisticians at Informa Economics, one of the  most respected food and agriculture research firms in the world. Drawing from those vast resources, plus our own work, here are just a few of the critical areas we focus on each week:

  • Weekly price quotes from major FOB and delivered markets for cottonseed

  • Charts of critical "spreads" for cottonseed among major FOB points

  • Analysis of current trends in cottonseed crushing activity

  • Analysis of current trends in feed demand for whole seeds and products

  • Exclusive forecasts of cotton acreage and cottonseed yields ahead of USDA

  • Exclusive supply/demand balance sheet forecasts just for cottonseed

  • Weekly comments and analysis for whole cottonseed, cottonseed meal and hulls

As you well know, cottonseed markets follow their own supply and demand fundamentals, and
there are no futures markets at all for cottonseed meal or hulls. Government reports rarely cover these products. Reliable cash price data has to be gathered privately.


So ask yourself these questions before you let this opportunity to subscribe pass:

1) Can you really gather this information yourself for so little time and money?
2) Do you have specialists focused exclusively on cottonseed outlook?
3) Do you have total access to the resources of Informa Economics?

We didn't think so. So why not subscribe today before you miss out on the next market move?  An annual subscription of 48 issues is only $480 per year.


To receive more information or to securely subscribe online....


The Cottonseed Digest

$480 per year

The COTTONSEED DIGEST Ingredient Forecaster - Another Industry First!

The COTTONSEED DIGEST Ingredient Forecaster was developed based on interest from subscribers like you. Since you want greater insight in price direction, timing of price changes, and their magnitude, you will find this publication ideal. The feed ingredients selected will help identify price direction for competing feed ingredients that impact cottonseed and meal pricing. This is the only source of such bold and in-depth information focused specifically on cottonseed and cottonseed meal markets.

The COTTONSEED DIGEST Ingredient Forecaster is a valuable tool for:

  • Managing inventory levels that could save thousands of dollars

  • Identifying significant cost saving buying opportunities

  • Determining selling opportunities that maximize revenues

  • Developing effective budgets leading to greater profits

  • Hedging successfully in volatile markets to reduce price risk

You will want to take advantage of this outstanding opportunity to gain valuable market insight to help you better run your business.


Annual subscription $1200 - OR - $900 for existing Cottonseed subscribers!

To receive more information or to securely subscribe online....

The Cottonseed Digest Ingredient Forecaster

$1200 per year
(Non-Client Rate)

$900 per year
(Existing Client Rate)





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