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Feed Ingredient Daily

The Feed Ingredient Daily was developed to fulfill an industry in need for more accurate and impartial price discovery with market commentary not provided by other publications. Since its inception, the Feed Ingredient Daily continues to make timely updates as byproduct markets evolve, becoming the industry standard other publications have imitated.

To provide you with the most current market price information in our Vision Track price discovery service, over 200 contacts are made each week across a variety of grain, animal processing industries end users, as well as feed merchants. The accuracy and objectivity of prices in the Feed Ingredient Daily are reason for many in the feed industry to use our price information in purchasing and selling agreements.

The Feed Ingredient Daily is an industry-recognized premiere source of ingredient market information and outlook. From a recent survey, 95% of respondents gave the Feed Ingredient Daily a score of 4 or better, out of 5. What respondents liked best were the ingredient comments with market insight and price outlook. This was followed by Vision Track Price Discovery Service, and then closely followed by price graphs, general articles impacting the feed industry, corn and soybean comments, and relative price charts. Our readers want to know why prices are moving, and not just see a page of raw numbers and yesterday’s news with market chatter. The Feed Ingredient clearly meets their needs.

Innovation is the cornerstone of Informa Economics and it is shown in the Feed Ingredient Daily. Over the past several years, innovative ways of showing market data and insightful explanations of how markets are evolving have given our subscribers a competitive edge in the market. The Futures Implied Pricing system is one of the ways that the Feed Ingredient Daily is advancing the industry, providing new analytical tools that can be used to gain a clearer perspective in feed ingredient co-product markets. When subscribing to the Feed Ingredient Daily, one ingredient category in the Futures Implied Pricing system is included in the base price.

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