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The Future of "Big Data" and AgInformatics
Adoption, Profitability and Economic Implications for AgInformatics Sector Stakeholders

A Multi-Client Study\

Data has become a modern agricultural commodity. Investments in human and technological solutions for translating data into actionable information have exploded across the supply chain. These inevitable "AgInformatics" solutions will forever change the way we think about agriculture. In the last 24-36 months, agriculture has enjoyed a period in which technology advancements and farm profitability have begun to converge with the long promised value of AgInformatics. For 6 of the past 7 years, average market price has outperformed production costs. This was not the case in the prior decade. What will be the reaction of investors, users, and stakeholders of AgInformatics solutions should margins evaporate again? Who are the winners and losers? Where are the opportunities? In a boom and bust cycle, what are implications of short term down cycle for AgInformatics in 2020? Has information technology become "mission critical" across the supply chain or is it an expendable "luxury" which will fade with profitability? If the latter, uncertainty will curb investments and it could set the sector back a decade.

To Offer Study Exploring Economic Implications and Opportunities for AgInformatics

Informa Economics is a global leader in food agriculture and agribusiness research and analysis. Through its global network of analysts and consultants, Informa Economics is able to spot trends and devise strategies for firms up and down the agriculture vertical. In this regard, Informa Economics has conducted numerous studies and analysis of the application of technology and use of data to make better decisions within agriculture.

GeoSilos heralds data as the "modern agricultural commodity" and specializes in leveraging place based approaches to transform this modern commodity into actionable information. A key mission of the firm is to support spatial analytics as a tool to translate data into decisions in business, economic, and policy applications across the food and agriculture value chain. GeoSilos is not alone in the recognition of this modern commodity. Across the sector, farms and firms are making tremendous investments in the "AgInformatics" sector with the objective of growing data into dollars.

We jointly recognize that the elevated prices of recent years and relatively large margins at the producer level might not be sustainable in the long run. While a return to the very low margin levels of the 1980s and 1990s is not expected, some moderation in prices and margins has already occurred. How will this change attitudes on the farm and throughout agriculture with respect to investment in new technologies, particularly with respect to "Big Data" and AgInformatics?

GeoSilos and Informa Economics worked together in this exciting new area of AgInformatics and developed concepts and conclusions that will help guide future application of these technologies. Specifically, the project team described in this multi-client prospectus examined in detail the economics of this area and reached conclusions with respect to the future of these technologies if agriculture enters a new period of lower margins and lower return on investment. It is important to note that this study is not predicting an era of persistently lower margins and prices. Rather, this is viewed as one possible scenario that needs to be considered and the impact of this scenario on AgInformatics needs to be examined.

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