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The Brazilian Bio Pesticides Industry
Market,  Industry, Status, Opportunities and Challenges


Latin America - especially Brazil - plays an import role in this market, mainly due to potential land openings, but also growing concern by government agencies and conventional pesticide companies of the environmental impact of traditional pesticides and the need for integrated pest management programs for GMO and non-GMO crops. While Brazil has taken over the top global position for traditional pesticide use, the bio pesticide segment has also increased at 2-digit growth levels over the past five years. To better understand this dynamic market, Informa Economics FNP (FNP) will focus on all of the major drivers that impact the demand and supply sides of the Brazilian bio pesticide sector, including government role, R&D developments, current and near future players and the ramifications of GMO crops in this scenario.

Since 2005, FNP has been producing reports and monitoring the Brazilian crop protection sector. Most of the market research carried out has been focused on the traditional crop protection segment. Understanding this lack of data and information for bio pesticides, FNP decided to develop a detailed multi-client report on Brazil's bio pesticides sector.

To execute this project, FNP will strongly rely on its proprietary database and experience in conducting market research in the crop protection sector. Additionally, in-depth interviews will be conducted with major chain players to better understand and qualify certain issues, trends and drivers. Lastly, the FNP team will analyze subjects and issues of relevance to the clients.


  • What is the market size in terms of values, volumes and hectares?

  • What are the key players' market shares? What are their strengths and weakness?

  • What are the major crops and the main target pests in each that most favor the penetration of bio pesticides?

  • What is the estimated participation of illegal market? How do illegal products impact the market and needs to be done to fight them?

  • What are the types of technologies and Biological AIs (Active Ingredients) being produced in Brazil? What types of products are being imported?

  • What is the level of technology (process, quality control, infra-structure) required?

  • What are the technology trends? What are drivers for product development?

  • How do farmers perceive biological products, brands and companies? What are the key buying factors (KBF's) and who influences them?

  • What is the structure of the present bio pesticide industry in Brazil? How does the entrance of new players such as crop protection companies and international biocontrol companies affect the market?

  • What are the key challenges and opportunities for bio pesticide market?

  • Are there significant changes in product prices?

  • Resistance issues are becoming more recognized and problematic. Do bio pesticides offer a viable solution to these problems?

  • What is the current legislative status of the industry and how it affects a company's competitiveness? What changes are needed and what might be a timetable for their enactment?

  • What is the importance of organic farming to the bio pesticides products?

  • What is the importance of IPM (Integrated Pest Management) to bio pesticides products and market?


Clients will receive a comprehensive report covering the topics present in the outline. The fully documented report will include all relevant background statistics, analyses and evaluations, and supporting detail developed during the study. This report will be delivered to clients in Power Point format along with an Executive Summary. If some clients prefer, a web or personal presentation can be made with additional costs covered by the interested clients.

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