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A Global Trade Game Changer?
Opportunities and Challenges of a US and EU Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership Agreement (TTIP)
A Special Multi-Client Study with Implications for the Global Agriculture and Food Sectors

March 2014


Informa Economics is pleased to announce the launch of an important new multi-client study on the potential gains for the US from a TTIP Agreement. The study will draw on our US and EU team of trade and commodity experts to examine the trade opportunities and challenges that would occur for the major agricultural and food sectors from tariffs being reduced to zero and sanitary/phytosanitary and other non-tariff barriers being either reduced or eliminated.



The US and the EU account for nearly half of world GDP and 30 percent of world trade. Goods and services worth $2.7 billion/2.0 billion are traded daily between the two countries, promoting economic growth and supporting millions of jobs in both economies. In addition, the US and the EU have directly invested more than $3.7 trillion/2.8 trillion on both sides of the Atlantic.

  • Over the last twenty years, EU exports to the US have registered larger gains than US exports to the EU.
  • US agricultural product exports (including fish and forest products) to the EU increased from $9.7 billion in 1992 to $12.1 billion in 2012 while EU exports to the US expanded from $5.7 billion in 1992 to $17.8 billion in 2012.
  • Top US exports to the EU in 2012 included soybeans, almonds and wine.
  • EU exports to the US are mostly consumer oriented products with beverages and snacks accounting for about two-thirds of all exports.
  • While the US and EU are major agricultural trade partners, there is ample opportunity for both to increase their respective share of trade as illustrated below.


The potential has not been realized in great part because trade has been significantly limited by tariffs and non-tariff barriers. Thus, this free trade agreement can be a "game changer" for global trade! Furthermore, the current slow economic growth in both the US and EU could be the driver for compromise.

The entire prospectus and enrollment in pdf form

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