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Canadian Market Outlook 

The Canadian Market Outlook analyzes current market factors and provides long term projections for stocks, flows and prices of major Canadian crops, including wheat, coarse grains oilseeds and pulses. The weekly report uses appropriate forms of fundamental and technical analysis and consider global events and factors that affect these markets.

Subscribers to this Informa Economics IEG | Canada products will also receive occasional commentary regarding government reports (Stats Can, USDA, ABARE etc.) or other special events that could have a significant impact on the market. We encourage subscribers to send us feedback and questions regarding the market, as those questions help to steer the research that we perform. In that sense, Informa Economics IEG| Canada will become an important resource of information and analysis.

Informa Economics IEG | Canada's Winnipeg office is situated in the heart of the canola industry, with many multinational grain companies, processors and ICE Futures Canada right in our neighborhood. As you already know, Informa Economics IEG is well known around the world as an independent firm providing in-depth market analysis and forecasting. Through our global industry connections, we are able to keep a very close watch on various markets, with an eye to determining the implications for Canadian crops and products. Having access to quality analysis will be key to succeeding in the ag and food industries in the years to come.  Recognizing potential price trends and the factors that cause them are the mainstay of Informa Economics IEG's operations. Informa Economics IEG also has an extensive database of statistics, allowing us to analyze the market in greater detail than others are able to.


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