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Informa Economics

China at a Crossroads

New Directions for Policy and the Economy?


A multi-client study by Informa Economics IEG in partnership with China’s National Grain and Oilseed Information Center (NGOIC) and Informa’s China affiliate, PolyResource International LLC


For over a decade, China’s rapid economic growth drove global demand for commodities. Rising incomes and a growing middle class greatly increased consumer demand for meats and certain other foods. Since China’s accession to the World Trade Organization (WTO) in 2001, pork consumption increased substantially, causing greater demand for and consumption of grains and protein meal; demand for oilseeds in particular increased dramatically. However, China’s economic growth rate has slowed, and the government is in the early stages of reforms to key agricultural policies. As a result, there is uneasiness over the trajectory of Chinese commodity consumption, and ultimately commodity prices.


A new multi-client study from Informa Economics IEG, China at a Crossroads: New Directions for Policy and the Economy? offers an internationally collaborative assessment by leading analysts inside and outside China regarding the country’s grain, oilseed, meat, poultry and dairy markets. The study assesses potential policy and macroeconomic outcomes and analyzes their impact on commodity supply/demand, trade and prices over the next 5-10 years. Combing Informa’s global commodity market analysis capabilities with the NGOIC’s unique insights into China’s agricultural policies and domestic market, this study helps you:


  • Stay ahead of your competition by understanding the impacts of ongoing changes and developments in China
  • Develop strategies and mitigate risks related to future developments, both inside China and for global commodities markets more broadly
  • And more…





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