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Informa Economics

Informa Economics offers a comprehensive package of well-respected, timely and highly detailed commodity market information. The focus is on US and world acreage and crop production, supply and demand estimates, price outlooks, transportation and storage projections, weather forecasts, agricultural policy, farm programs and long-term agribusiness trends.

Informa Economics Data Services (IEData)

  • IEData is one of the most comprehensive agricultural databases available today.

  • IEData is a full-featured, network-ready database manager designed specifically for
    time series data.

  • Specially created add-ins access the data without leaving the spreadsheet environment.

  • Instant access to thousands of different data series, from daily cash prices to worldwide supply and demand estimates.


    The IEData add-in for Microsoft ExcelTM** is designed to give you access to all of the data stored in the system from within the ExcelTM spreadsheet or workbook. With this add-in, you have access to thousands of time series, without having to know where the data is stored, or the structure of the data.  For many of our time series, we also compute weekly and monthly aggregates, where applicable.


    The core data is stored on an Informa Economics' database server with only a menu database which needs to be installed locally on your computer or your company network. The fast response of the IEData add-in for ExcelTM allows you navigate the menu system and pull requested data over the internet. A more advanced use of IEData and the IEData add-in would be thru the use of macros and custom spreadsheets to automatically request updated data with the use of the IEData functions.


    Currently, there are over 38,000 data series with 440,000 points of information ranging from the actual precipitation for wheat in Romania in 1965 to the latest beef trimmings prices in Omaha or the latest barge movement of corn on the Mississippi River. With this vast database, you can spend more time analyzing trends, etc.. rather than keying in data.


    The IEData add-in for Microsoft ExcelTM and access to the IEData databases are available as a subscription item to Informa Economics retainer clients. For more information, please contact your Informa Economics representative.

    ** Currently only 32-bit for Office XP, Office 2007, Office 2010 and Office 2013. The current version of the addin does not yet take advantage of more rows and columns which is available in the later verisons of Office. Our development team is currently working on an updated add-In to include this feature.

    Updated IEData Menu Database
    (ONLY to be used by Current IEData Subscribers and in conjunction with the IEData add-in)
    -     2/24/2017 2:06:05 PM
    (Unzip to c:\iedata\iedata.mdb - refer to your c:\windows\iedata.ini file for exact location)

    IEDATA Documentation

    • IEDATA add-in HOW-TO document PDF format

    • IEDATA add-in Install Guide PDF format

    • IEDATA add-in macro example ExcelTM file* (to be used only if you have the IEData add-in installed)

      Excel format ZIP format

      *Recommended that you right click and "Save Target As..." for these files

    • IEDATA Series List:  Series List - Detailed List - All Variables(xls format)  Series List - Summarized - Tables

    • Add-In Conflict  - Sometimes other Excel Add-Ins can cause problems with our IEData Excel add-in. If you encounter a problem when importing data using the IEData add-in, try removing other add-ins to see if they are causing the problem. These may be add-ins you do not use but were installed automatically for another program.

      For more information please contact us by either email or call Joe Booth at 901-766-4537.



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