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Informa Economics Inc., the world's premier agribusiness consulting firm, is now offering a unique margin and risk management program to the North American pork industry. This program is called MarginQuest®.

MarginQuest® is a leading-edge market information and consulting enterprise, focused on providing US pork producers access to effective management tools and proprietary strategies to mitigate risk. This program is designed to provide a powerful array of timely decision support materials, training and consultation to help pork producers manage production risk. MarginQuest® builds on our comprehensive research and analytic specialties to bring vital information directly to you. Informa Economics has assembled a leadership team with extensive quantitative and qualitative analytical skills to support this leading edge service.

As a client, you'll receive customized decision support information along with fundamental analysis on corn and soybean meal markets. Drawing upon the Informa Economics intelligence network, your analyst will also provide you with detailed analysis of current trends in the vertical supply chain for pork.

You will also receive supply/demand/price analysis of the hog market. Key in this service will be an active and ongoing assessment of the opportunities to manage margin.

Specific information based upon an assessment of your unique situation will be developed to help you identify your financial risk. Plus you'll receive assistance in developing your personal strategy for input and output hedges.

There are specific topics to be covered in the training programs including but not limited to:

  • What is MarginlPrice Risk Management?

  • How can you assess your business financial risk?

  • What tools exist to manage this risk?

  • What strategies can be developed to enhance margins?

  • What is the current market environment and what are hog production margin prospects for the next 6-12 months?

  • How do you, as a producer, utilize the market analysis to make informed business decisions?

When you subscribe to MarginQuest®, you will also have direct access to grain and hog market analysts -- part of the service team we've put together.

Together with your MarginQuest® analyst, you will explore market dynamics and hedging opportunities based upon your unique situation.

Jointly, we will formulate risk management strategies just right for your operation. You'll be counseled on the timing of hedge execution and margin prospects in this highly personalized consultation.

It all begins with an expression of interest in mitigating risk. Second, contact your Informa Economics representative regarding MarginQuest®, e-mail  or call 901.202.4600.  Third, Informa Economics staff will explain the program, the services, the delivery mechanism and your investment. We will arm you with all of the information you'll need to make the decision to become a client of MarginQuest®.

Attention Hog Producers: Don't sign any long-term contract without our evaluation. Consider Informa's Packer Contract Evaluation Service. Due diligence for any long-term marketing agreement, especially designed for hog producers.



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